Case Studies

Sociallybuzz helped Planet Beach drive local sales using Facebook's COLLECT LEADS Ad objective.

Sociallybuzz helped Salsa Fiesta, a local multi-unit restaurant convert unsatisfied customers into raving fans.

Sociallybuzz helped Living Color Aquariums create awareness and increase engagement with their target audience.

Sociallybuzz helped a local restaurant chain create awareness, increase engagement and grow sales.

Sociallybuzz launched a Foursquare Photo Contest where consumers had a chance to win a $25 Jamba Juice gift card if they took a photo of their smoothie and uploaded it to Foursquare after “checking in” at their local South Florida Jamba Juice store.

Sociallybuzz incorporated social media and traditional marketing to activate the full potential of all relevant social media networks and communication channels to build the most comprehensive social media presence and community for 48 local Domino's Pizza locations.

Sociallybuzz used a fun and compelling YELP competition to increase brand awareness of CREAM by improving CREAM's Yelp presence and positive reviews.