Social Media Campaigns

Social Media Campaign Services for Businesses:

Sociallybuzz builds campaigns that deliver a compelling message and dynamic experience for customers. We create buzz-worthy online and offline campaigns to help build upon brands, franchises, restaurants, nightclubs, and retail stores. 

We assist businesses in developing and executing creative yet effective campaigns for sales increase, online growth, social media engagement, new product release, new location/grand opening, special events, and customer awareness:

  • Build custom campaign micro websites
  • Run strategic ads (on Facebook, Google, Twitter and other relevant online properties)
  • Develop social media sweepstakes, contests and competitions
  • Location-based and geo-targeting promotions or specials
  • In-store; social media products (stickers, table tent cards, buttons, pens, cups, etc.)
  • In-store entertainment; new location and live DJ/music
  • In-store; new location and up to 5 social media event managers on location
  • In-store; unlock and claim social profiles
  • Holiday promotions
  • Special events
  • Custom campaign app development
  • Custom campaigns


Implementing a campaign as part of social media and marketing efforts can increase customer engagement, expand social presence and build social awareness.

Contact us to learn how we can help your business create an effective social media or online to offline campaign.